What the “L” ?

11 Jun

I’m often asked why I use my middle initial whenever I sign my name. I thought I’d start my blog with a little introduction to who I am.

I am Kevin L. Hagan, the “L” being the most important part of my name.

After having grown up in a town of 3,000 people with another Kevin Hagan (1 year older), the “L” signified which Kevin Hagan I was my entire childhood and adolescence. It defined who I was.

So who do people think am I today?

Most people would tell you I’m a really nice guy.

My hometown would say that I outgrew it by the time I turned four years old (someone actually did say that!)

A former C-level executive at the Postal Service describes me as having a political prowess unlike anything he had ever seen (I’m pretty sure that statement put in context of the conversation was NOT a compliment)

My former boss of nearly a decade would say that I’m a wizard – able to fix any problem. She even gave me a framed wizard puppet as a going away gift.

My former co-workers would say that my mind is very strategic and I get laser focused when I set my mind to something.

People who have worked for me would say that I have lots of crazy ideas and I’m downright dangerous if I have time to think.

My friends would say I’m a lucky man, have a strong moral compass, but I work too much.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently described me as low key and self deprecating

The detractors in my industry question virtually everything about me and say I’m not doing enough, fast enough (guess I’ll just have to show them)

My barista at Starbucks would say that I’m a caffeine junkie

My wife would say that left to my own devise I am highly unorganized and not allowed to touch the laundry (but she loves me regardless of my laundering deficiencies)

While there’s probably some level of truth to the above perceptions of me, I’m fortunate to be confident in who I am.

I am Kevin L. Hagan – a man of quiet, but strong faith; lucky beyond imagination because I was blessed with an amazing family and upbringing, and won the lottery when I found and married Elizabeth Hagan, a woman who loves me, challenges me, and makes me a better man every single day.

Professionally, I am a transformer (no, not the robot/car kind). I thrive on helping organizations and people reach their maximum potential. I do this by challenging every business practice and assumption.

Currently, I am the President and CEO of Feed The Children and am excited to lead the transformation of one of America’s largest nonprofit relief and development agencies. At the ripe age of 39, I took the helm of this legendary and storied organization despite countless people’s advice that I should run in the other direction. For the record, I haven’t regretted it a single day since my arrival.

I’m currently serving Feed The Children because this is my calling – this is where I’m supposed to be, where I’m supposed to make a difference, where I’m suppose to challenge the status quo and challenge the industry to do better and be better than we’ve ever been before.


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