Waiting With Hope

11 Dec

This week, I contributed to my wife’s Advent devotional project called Baby Jesus Blog. She and her friends have been sharing birth stories all month long and here is mine:

People say that I’m a pretty optimistic person. Though I can make a good “worst case scenario” checklist, I always tend to fight for the most positive outcome. I really think in the end everything is going to turn out fine.

And this is my story. Growing up, I knew one day I’d get married and I always knew one day I’d like to be a father.

I grew up with some of the most amazing parents a child could hope for. Why would I not follow in their footsteps one day? I’ve had amazing relationships with my nieces and nephews through the years and would like to imagine that I served as a positive role model for them. Why not have my own kids? I knew I had a lot of love to give and I also knew I could be a great dad.

To read more click here.

Happy Advent to all my Christian friends out there!


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